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035 | Leveraging Mass Media and Driving Through the Storm With Andrew O’Brien

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Andrew O’Brien, 29, is the founder of the Publicity Guy, his company that is helping high-achieving Entrepreneurs around the world get placements in large scale media.

Andrew tells the Strike Group why hardship must be shared in order to leave your lasting legacy. And why young entrepreneurial leaders must drive through the storm in life to make it out on the other side!

At 19 years old, Andrew joined the army and by 20 he was fighting in Iraq. At twenty two, still in the army, he went to his barracks one night and swallowed 120 pills in an effort to put an end to the misery he called life. He would survive.

Now with a new lease on life, Andrew and his company are all about using media exposure to grow your business to the next level. He has been featured on over 70 media stations around the world to include: USA Today, MSNBC, and the Huffington Post.

Leveraging Mass Media at!

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