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The Smartest Thing a CEO Can Do With Doug Radi

Good Karma Foods


Doug Radi, CEO at Good Karma Foods, stops by LSG to talk about moving fast, building the best culture in the biz, and what he believe his job is as CEO.

Doug is better in an entrepreneurial environment. Like all of us, he loves making an impact. A “Hippie stuck in a suit” he likes to go his own way, march to the beat of his own drum, and make up the rules as he goes. He wasn’t always an entrepreneur — What did it take to for him to make the choice to go towards being an entrepreneur?

If you take trip into your local Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, or wherever you grab groceries –Good Karma Foods are in there.

They are expanding at a break neck pace. And his culture is exactly what CEO’s or leaders of any team need to replicate – it’s the smartest thing Doug does to keep his brand beating out the big dogs that you are used to seeing in the grocery store.

Plus, why “being real” is one of Doug’s main jobs as CEO.

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