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I believe that real change comes from real leaders. Leaders that can motivate themselves, influence others, and dream big to take charge of their world to accomplish anything.

LSG takes aim at leadership by interviewing GenY’s most accomplished young leaders, under-35 execs, and our brightest entrepreneurs  5 days-a-week! We deliver detailed prospective and practical leadership exploration for those determined to:

  • Transform into a bold leader
  • Feel empowered to conquer your entrepreneurial venture
  • Be remembered for your positive impact on the world around you

Generation Y leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs across the spectrum of today’s leading industries — tech, healthcare, finance, energy, retail, military, and more — will chronicle their stories to uncover their lead tactics of influence that are vital for getting ahead and generating unrivaled team success.

For GenY and by GenY, LSG highlights today’s finest young leaders to erase your lack of confidence in experience, which is critical for any young leader looking to silence the voice of uncertainty and break through to greater authority and prosperity.

GenY, those born between 1982-2000, now holds the key for global vitality. The new generation of leaders and innovators bring vibrance, determination, and unbridled possibilities for what’s next.

Leadership Strike Group was founded by me, Timothy  Paul, Lieutenant in the United States Navy. A 2010 Naval Academy graduate and Naval Officer, I have been training  and performing as a naval leader for more than ten  years.

I have led men and women from all age groups and ethnic backgrounds in the defense of the United States. I have witnessed leadership that could inspire greatness and  “leadership” that was more painful than getting beaten  over the head with a manhole cover.

My personal leadership style is a reflection of who I am and aspire to be. A constant work in progress, it sometimes requires a little maintenance or a detailed tune-up. Leadership is entirely personal, but I constantly observe different tactics and test theoretical plugins from others to apply ways to improve my social and professional influence.

I currently live in Charlotte, NC with my wife, Christie, who is an aspiring cook book author. Our house mate, Mason, spends his days chasing squirrels and sleeping.  I coach lacrosse at a local high school in Charlotte and support anyone with a dream.

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