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You're eager to build and scale your personal empire -- Define your own level of success while merging purpose with profit!

But are you rationalizing against pursuing your passion?
Can you manage and empower a team to believe in your mission?
Are you even able to lead yourself?


My goal is to build your personal profile as one of a LEADER, first. Because Leadership WINS in business! And the Leadership Gap in our world is real!

And I'm here to supercharge your leadership, help you chart your own course, and lead YOUR life!

Leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs across the spectrum of today’s leading industries — tech, healthcare, energy, retail,  education, the military, and more — chronicle their stories to uncover their lead tactics of leadership that are paramount for leading yourself, leading your team, and leading your business.

The art of defining yourself, managing your team, and inspiring your vision has NEVER been more important than it is now!

Hitch your wagon to LSG -- where we push our limits, construct our own success and live the life we have always wanted!

As an officer in the Navy, I have led men and women from all age groups and ethnic backgrounds in the defense of the United States. 

My personal leadership style is a reflection of who I am and aspire to be. I believe the same qualities found in great Military Leaders are also shared in great Leaders anywhere!

I currently live in Charlotte, NC with my wife, Christie, who is an aspiring cook book author. Our house mate, Mason, spends his days chasing squirrels and sleeping.  I coach Varsity lacrosse at a local high school in Charlotte and support anyone with a dream.

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