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Change is Required to Become Successful with Daniel Houghton

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WITHOUT CHANGE YOU WILL NEVER START SOMETHING NEW The story of how Daniel Houghton, 29, became CEO of Lonely Planet at the age of 24 reads like a page straight out of a Hollywood screenplay. Daniel grew up in Atlanta, and studied photojournalism at Western Kentucky University. He graduated in 2010, set up a small…

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Be a Student of Life to Succeed with Shama Hyder

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BECOME A STUDENT OF THE GAME! Successful Young Entrepreneur. Web & TV Personality. Best Selling Author. Shama Hyder, 32, is the Founder and CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, an award-winning web marketing and digital PR firm. Under her leadership, the company has grown to include a team of 30 and clients that range from…

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How Incentives Drive Human Behavior with Logan Cohen


PASSION VS PURPOSE Logan Cohen, 27, is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of KÜDZOO, the app that rewards students based on their academic achievements.  After KÜDZOO’s first school year on the national market, over 500,000 students signed up and over 280,000 report cards were submitted. She tells the strike group why incentives are powerful when leading…

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“Good” Isn’t Good Enough Anymore with Justin Rezvani


“GOOD” ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH ANYMORE Justin is the Founder and CEO of theAmplify, a data-driven advertising technology platform that produces influencer advertising campaigns for premium brands across social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube. Justin explains why Generation Y needs leaders more than ever and why we cannot rely on being “good” anymore. Also, why…

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020 | The Difference Between Having Patience and Wasting Your Time with Brendan Candon


WE NEED TO STOP WASTING TIME! Brendan Candon, 28, is the Co-founder and CEO of SidelineSwap, an online marketplace where athletes buy and sell their sports gear. Since launching in 2015, more than 100,000 athletes have signed up for SidelineSwap and sellers will earn more $5 million selling their gear on the platform in 2017.…