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Do Effective Leaders Use Fear or Love in the Workplace?

Love Leadership

Entrepreneur Magazine posed this exact question in 2017 and came to this conclusion: The truth is, it’s neither better to be loved or feared. The key to effective leadership is balance. Okay, this made me spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any. Here’s what I am going to tell you. If you…

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These Lessons Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Better Entrepreneur

5 Lessons From Today’s Most Influential and Successful Entrepreneurs on How to be a Better Entrepreneur! Courtney Gras on how she fell into Entrepreneurship. Logan Cohen, Co-CEO at Edtech startup KUDZOO, on Why Merging Purpose with Profit is better than finding your “passion”. Justin Lafazan, Co-Founder and CEO at Premier Entrepreneur’s Conference Next Gen Summit,  on finding your…

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5 Success Quotes From Those Who Dared to Fail

Success Quote

Competition is beautiful because it means someone is going to lose Why do competitors love to compete? Those who strive in business, on the athletic field, or in war know the harshness of our enemies. The business across the street that never shuts off the lights, the player on the other team who never stops…

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5 Fundamental Skills for Building the Secret Weapon of Trust

Build Trust

5 Fundamental Skills for Building the Secret Weapon of Trust Part 2 of 3 from the best of LSG from 2017. 84 interviews to choose from…Here’s 5 of the greatest leaders and their strategies for building authentic trust that gets people to believe in them! Navy SEAL Jeff Boss on the SEAL ethos for mission-team-me… Federal…

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