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Leadership on the Edge of What’s Possible


Innovation on Your Team: Who’s Responsible? Inspired by a recent TED Talk, JC and Tim sit down to discuss how leaders in organizations develop  creative thought streams and positive firm storms of innovation. TED Talk Referenced in the Show Tell us what you think here! Tim on Instagram: JC on Instagram: Tim on LinkedIn: JC on…

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Leadership Roundtable: West Point AD Boo Corrigan & NFL World Champion Dr. Jason Carthen

Boo Corrigan

Accountability as a good thing, Adversity on Purpose, and Self-Mastery Moments An awesome Leadership Roundtable with US Military Academy Athletic Director Boo Corrigan and NFL World Champion, now Leadership Speaker and Author Dr. Jason Carthen! Everything from introducing and celebrating accountability to injecting adversity on purpose — this is a can’t miss episode for all Leaders…

Jack and Suzy Welch Got Leadership Wrong This Time

Jack Welch

Note: Proudly Co-Authored with my teammate, JC Glick. “Who has the right stuff to lead?” A fine question posed by Jack and Suzy Welch in this recent article: Are Leaders Born or Made? Here’s What’s Coachable – and What’s Definitely Not. We read the article with interest, looking forward to gaining new insight, new perspective,…

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Overcoming The 4 Most Common Objections that Challenge Your Leadership

JC Glick

The Skeptic, The Superstar, The Loner, and The Boss How do you deal with these types of objections that challenge your leadership? Have an idea for an episode or want to hear a featured guest answer your leadership question? Submit your topic or question by emailing Or join the LSG new Facebook Group here! Or connect…

3 Better Ways to Lead Millennials

Lead Millennials

Do ever feel like it’s impossible to get through to the millennials that work with and around you? Even though you don’t fully believe it, all the talk about our 18-35 year-olds being lazy, the “me” generation, and painfully confused on how to “make a difference” starts to sound right after awhile. And you’re not…

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