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049 | Learn to Win with Massive Research with Kristina Aran


CHANGE IS CONSTANT AND RESEARCH IS IMPERATIVE FOR ALL LEADERS Kristina Aran is the Co-Founder/COO of Virtzy which is a platform created to empower Beauty & Wellness Professionals to run their businesses better. Kristina breaks down her immigrant mentality and how that allows her level up as an entrepreneurial leader. Also, she uncovers her genuine…

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048 | Why Strong Leadership is Needed in the Digital Age with Beatrice Fischel-Bock


IMPOSTER SYNDROME MUST BE KILLED Beatrice Fischel-Bock is the Co-founder and CEO of Hutch, the interior design app that takes a photo of your room and virtually redecorates it.  TedX speaker and Shark Tank alum, Beatrice, alongside her co-founders, drives Hutch’s goal of becoming the premiere home furnishing solution for today’s on-the-go consumer. Beatrice uncovers why her company’s…

047 | Why Your Idea Means Nothing Without Relentless Execution with Stephan Goss


LEADERS MUST GO BEYOND JUST A GOOD IDEA Founder, entrepreneur and technology executive — Stephan Goss, 29, co-founded his first company, Zeeto at 22. He has led Zeeto in expanding their amazing team from 3 people to 70 in just five years!! And with the launch of the Zeeto Ad Network, they plan on continuing…

046 | Define Success With Grit: Why Your Past Doesn’t Dictate Your Future with Brett Hagler


BE BOLD AND GO CONFIDENTLY IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS Brett Hagler, 27, is the CEO and Co-Founder of New Story – an innovative nonprofit that transforms slums into sustainable communities around the world. He tells the strike group why just because you failed before, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful in the future!…

045 | Why the Only Guaranteed Future is the One You Build Yourself with Courtney Gras


SHAPE YOUR FUTURE BY BEING REAL WITH YOURSELF Courtney Gras, 27, is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature. After leaving her job as a power systems engineer at NASA to work for her own startup company, Courtney uncovered a passion for encouraging entrepreneurship. Today, Courtney is a startup community leader, international speaker…