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034 | Never Be Satisfied with Lu Zhang

THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY Lu Zhang is the Founding and Managing Partner of Fusion Fund (A.K.A. NewGen Capital), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm. She was recently awarded the Forbes 30 under 30 & Featured as the Honoree of VC category.  Lu tells the strike group why she is never satisfied with her perceived level of success and how to overcome people’s stereotypes of YOU! She was also the Founder and CEO of Acetone Inc. (acquired 2012 for $10M), a start-up focused on non-invasive technology for the early diagnosis of Type II diabetes. She is an advisor and mentor to several innovation programs and incubators in Silicon Valley.  Find Lu and her work at Find my work at! Check out this...

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You are NOT your business, Overcoming MASSIVE failure, Why you need to chase YOUR dream | THE DEBRIEF — Week of 17Jul

Are you looking to take control of your life? — Leadership Strike Group is perfect for you! We are inspiring the next generation of great leaders! The Week of 17Jul DEBRIEF is here! This one from Episodes 30-33! The support has been AMAZING — and I appreciate every share, every like, every recommendation! Thank you!! This week’s main themes include how to leave work at work to prevent burnout(true work-life balance), overcoming years of perceived failure, and why no one can tell you not to chase what matters most to you! Go back and listen to this week’s episodes to muster up the full...

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Top 5 Quotes to Living Successfully From The First 35 Episodes of LSG

 Success is personal, intimate, and fleeting. One day passed, is one day defined. I don’t love when people talk about how to be successful. It often revolves around money, power, and personal gain. Are we sure that’s really what we want? Money to buy things. Power to run things. Personal gain to say we have things. Maybe. Maybe that’s what you want. And that’s fine. My guests on Leadership Strike Group, however, all share something different. It’s that something that separates them from those who sit passively in life, contemplating their dreams and figuring out what success could be....

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033 | Age Means Nothing When You Do What You Love With Ollie Forsyth

AGE DOES NOT MATTER — DO WHAT YOU LOVE Ollie Forsyth, 19, didn’t fit in at school. Bullies picked on him for being dyslexic, for being different. They said he was a nobody and always would be. He’d never succeed in life. Look at him now — he is the Founder of The Budding Entrepreneur’s club, one of the largest Entrepreneur Club’s in Europe. He has been featured in Forbes, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, among many others! He tells the Strike Group why age means nothing in life and what he would say now to those that bullied...

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032 | Know Your Downside Risk With Sam Slaughter

WHAT’S THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN?! Sam Slaughter is the Co-Founder and CEO of PowerGen Renewable Energy, a renewable energy company installing micro-grids in Africa’s most energy stricken regions. A Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree in 2017, Sam has grown his organization to over 80 people, raising $8M in capital to continue to forge ahead. Sam details understanding your downside risk to exploring your reasons for living and why with a huge meaningful purpose, failures merely become stepping stones to success.    Over the last six years under Sam’s leadership, PowerGen has installed hundreds of power systems across seven...

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