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038 | Scale RAPID Growth with Leadership with Sieva Kozinsky


WANT TO GROW? SCALE YOUR ABILITY TO LEAD YOUR TEAM! Sieva Kozinsky, 27, is the founder and CEO at StudySoup, a social learning and micropublishing platform that helps 1 million students get good grades in the classroom every month. He was a 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree! Sieva tells the strike group the best…

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You DO NOT need "Normal", Hustle Baby!, and Drive Your Business Through the Storm | THE DEBRIEF — Week of 24Jul


Are you looking to take control of your life and lead your business and team? — Leadership Strike Group is perfect for you! We are inspiring the next generation of great entrepreneurial leaders! The Week of 17Jul DEBRIEF is here! This one from Episodes 34-37! The support has been AMAZING — and I appreciate every share, every like, every…

037 | Smash the Cycle of Normal with Rob Fajardo


LEADING A BUSINESS IS ABOUT LEAVING NORMAL BEHIND Rob founded a brand called Leave Normal Behind, a content, community, and events hub for purpose driven people. He breaks down for the Strike Group how to challenge the status quo and how to accelerate the growth in others! THIS IS A CAN’T MISS! The mission of…

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