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Get Your Hands On: David Marquet’s “Turn the Ship Around!”

“Balance the courage to hold people accountable for their actions with my compassion for their honest efforts” – David Marquet Self-leaders and business leaders, feast your minds on this high-powered leadership novel that begs for David to continue delivering on his revolutionary thinking. A testament to the struggles of implementing a leader-leader model and pushing authority to the lowest level attainable onboard a United States Submarine, David Marquet’s Turn the Ship Around!: The True Story of Turning Followers Into Leaders is as tantalizing as it is thought provoking. I have listed a brief overview of the book, the top three leadership...

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The Difference Between Being Remembered And Forgotten In Life

Two years ago from the posting of this article, longtime ESPN anchor Stuart Scott passed on from a rare form of cancer. A leading sports entertainer and journalist, Stuart was a television mogul who could invite you to drop everything you were doing and watch him work. He was a young, black anchor that shook the status quo of how to deliver a sports highlight. Stuart was an effective leader that brought a new edge to the worldwide leader in sports. Listening to him felt like the first time, every time. He made you smile while making everything look effortless on...

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5 on 5: Leadership Styles

Like personalities, leadership styles are as a unique as the person exercising it. Introverted or extroverted, thoughtful or impulsive, reserved or emotional — all of us are a distinctive blend of characteristics or qualities that form are individual character. Because of that, leadership is not a scientific formula of traits that we refine and strengthen in order to maximize our influence. I have found that there are five types of leadership that are influential, positive, and effective. Some leadership styles are influential and yield baseline results, but aren’t positive for society. Some are positive and effective, but they don’t influence...

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The Art Of A Social-Professional Leader

Warships are vehicles of peace and tremendous force. We bring the United States’ collective iron first when called upon to defend our constiution. Whether the AEGIS weapon suite, countless electric and auxiliary systems, or cryptic communication capabilties the US Navy prides itself on being the most technologically advanced war fighting force on the planet. Junior officers are provided state rooms on US Navy warships. Unlike enlisted personnel who live and sleep in berthings(large areas containing multiple racks of beds and maybe a common area or television), JO’s live in groups of two’s or four’s. With more room and privacy,...

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Uncover the Purpose (Why Do You Work Here?)

Great leaders are easy to imagine — the dedicated leader first in the office and the last to kick rocks. The technical leader with the knowledge to repair and replace any system. The inspirational one who can pull your attention with the calming command of his voice. And the brave one with the zest to bring together the team and exude certainty in the task at hand. Setting the bar for leadership seems to be a series of smaller, more nimble bars that can be challenging to keep track of. I need to be more dedicated, knowledgable, selfless, savvy, and confident...

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