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031 | Step Up and Step Back with Kim Kaupe

WHY YOU MUST STEP UP AND STEP BACK TO LEAD YOUR BUSINESS Kim, 31, is the co-founder of ZinePak, a superfan-focused company that creates engaging fan packages for entertainers, brands, and celebrities. Most recently, she was named a Woman of Influence from the New York Business Journal and featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, securing offers from 4 out of 5 sharks. Previously she was named to Inc.’s 35 Under 35, Advertising Age’s 40 Under 40 and Forbes 30 Under 30. Kim brings to life what’s like to lead a small business to rise above the competition. She also teaches the strike group...

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030 | Having a Direction is Everything with Alex Saidani

WHAT’S YOUR NORTH STAR? Alex Saidani is a 22 year old serial entrepreneur from England with a passion for technology who was recently listed on Entrepreneur’s list of 27 CEOs under 27. He is the CEO of InDemand. Indemand is a Software as a solution enabling grocers and supermarkets to sell online and offer home delivery to their customers Alex talks to the Strike Group about why he initially failed because he couldn’t find a direction for his business and how you can avoid doing the same thing! His advice about sharing your vision allows you to stay on...

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Quick Hitter: 5 Micro Signs of Silent Leadership To Start The Day

The small things make the biggest difference. Everybody knows how important first impressions are. A “first impression” takes 7 seconds to make. That tiny window for us to evaluate one another with typically no words exchanged.  “First impressions” are not reserved for the first time. Rather, they transcend the “first time” into “every time” and do not discriminate moments in a relationship. So, even if people know you, they still don’t fully “know” you at that moment in time until they can actually see you. Here are five micro signs that your co-workers take notice of You within two minutes...

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Don’t Let Tragedy Define You, Your Dream Job, Change is Tectonic | THE DEBRIEF — Week of 10Jul

Are you looking to take control of your life? — Leadership Strike Group is perfect for you! We are inspiring the next generation of great leaders! The Week of 10Jul DEBRIEF is here! This one from Episodes 26-29! The support has been AMAZING — and I appreciate every share, every like, every recommendation! Thank you!! This week’s main themes including how to handle tragedy, understanding what it will take to land your dream job, and how to let go of the inner voices holding you back! Go back and listen to this week’s episodes to muster up the full content from each episode! Subscribe...

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029 | Change is Necessary to Become Successful with Daniel Houghton

WITHOUT CHANGE YOU WILL NEVER START SOMETHING NEW The story of how Daniel Houghton, 29, became CEO of Lonely Planet at the age of 24 reads like a page straight out of a Hollywood screenplay. Daniel grew up in Atlanta, and studied photojournalism at Western Kentucky University. He graduated in 2010, set up a small marketing agency, and photographed weddings as a side hustle. A film he had made with his agency caught the eye of an American business mogul, who asked Daniel to set up and run NC2 Media and create online travel content. After the two created NC2...

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