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5 Success Quotes From Those Who Dared to Fail

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Competition is beautiful because it means someone is going to lose

Why do competitors love to compete? Those who strive in business, on the athletic field, or in war know the harshness of our enemies. The business across the street that never shuts off the lights, the player on the other team who never stops training, or the enemy who strategizes endlessly to make you pay the ultimate price -- without them, we have no way to measure ourselves.

But with any measurement comes the possibility of not measuring up. In fact, in the pursuit of what we want, failure is often the road most traveled. Success seems like a horizon with an endless journey.

We should know by now that failure isn't fatal. It's the process of learning to love what hurts that defines any competitor's growth.

Failure isn't fatal, but failure to change might be -- John Wooden

Here are five quotes about success and failure from the best of the LSG Podcast in 2017

People are going to die under your command...Mistakes are going to happen. It’s not if, it’s when – JC Glick, Former Army Ranger (11 combat deployments) talking through why he believes mistakes must be put into perspective.

Best Success Quotes

A breakdown for a breakthrough is a good thing – Chelsea Krost, Famous Millennial Brand Strategist when speaking to the real struggles of an entrepreneur.

Best Quotes about success

As a leader, you give and invest in people for the only purpose of making them successful – Kristen Hadeed, CEO of successful Start-up StudentMaid talking about how she measured her leadership ability.

Best Success Quotes


I was always racing against myself – Reb Soni, Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer on who she was racing against in the biggest races on the biggest international stages.

Best Quotes about success

And finally, a question that we all should be asking ourselves as leaders...

I'm always asking myself: 'What is it that I am endeavoring to accomplish and how can I get there?' – Isaac Lidsky, TED Main Stage talking to us about what he does to stay on course and override a fear of failure.

Just remember: Your legacy is on the other side of failure. Don't ever give up your dream.

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