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Your Absence of Passion Breeds an Absence of Leadership


Why do you work where you do?

70% of all people in the American workforce are unhappy to work. So, if you are gainfully employed, there is a pretty decent chance you are feeling the internal struggle of enduring days of seemingly endless work that, in the grand scheme of your life, means very little outside of allowing you the ability to pay you bills and give you some semblance of financial freedom.

But, have you ever wondered why you’re doing what you’re doing? Why if money was not a thing, you would still continue to do what you do…

Of course you have! Everyone does! But, how come even when you realize you’re unhappy(which is not hard to figure out), why is it damn hard to make a change?

Because we have been told that’s part of growing up.

I went to a great school that is supposed to land me a great job.

A college education, even if you did attend a prestigious Ivy League, service academy, or private institution should not be viewed as a stepping stone to a lucrative career.

No, that fancy education you received did not give you the power to have a great job. It gave additional leverage to be HAPPY.

Additional education should not handcuff you harder to a career that you don’t want. If anything, it should give you latitude to do what you ACTUALLY want to do!

“If you want to be a leader, you have to take massive action. I didn’t have a high school diploma when I started my first business at 17. The difference in my DNA is I am not fearful to take the plunge. I don’t need a massive education, I dropped out of college after two years. I learned more in one week at my startup than two years in the classroom. I just go out and do it…I’ve always been daring”  — Jeet Banerjee, Serial Entrepreneur, TedX Speaker, Best-Selling Author. *Listen to the captivating 38min interview with Jeet here!

But, I’m under pressure to fulfill my parents wishes’ for my life.

This is one that causes embarrassment for a lot of generation Y. Your parents worked at the same place for thirty years to give you the ability to become the doctor, lawyer, or banker they envisioned of you.

But today is different. A career driven landscape with blurred lines in work and life have demanded that the best professionals be passionate in their work.

So when mega-star business, tech, and military leaders tell us to chase our dreams, they’re telling us to lead our own life.

My friends won’t understand my motivations.

Acceptance is tough. But NO ONE is obligated to believe in your dreams. They only one you need to convince is yourself.

Pigeon holing yourself because of your academic background, parents expectations, or friend acceptance is just about the most detrimental thing you can do. It is a recipe for regret and emotional emptiness.

And according to researchers, people who feel less fulfilled take less pride in their life. And in the absence of pride is the absence of passion. And even further…

So, what is holding you back?

Back to Jeet who ran decided to run an experiment. After living his passion at the age of 20, he decided to go and find out what motivates and inspires people to take action and lead their life.

He said, “Why are so people reluctant to chase their dream?”

What he decided to was survey people over the age of 25 and under the change of 25 and ask them pointed and deep questions.

“I asked them the same basic questions: The first questions I asked was, ‘If could do anything right now, what would you do?’ I got many different answers, people under 25 wanted to be [professional athletes] or astronauts, people over 25 wanted to start their own businesses.”

“The second question I asked is ‘Why are you not doing this?’ They answers were almost identical from both sides.

They reason people unanimously gave were that they had NO TIME, NO MONEY, and the third one, believe it or not, was the people over the age of 25 said they were TOO OLD and the people under the age of 25 said they were TOO YOUNG!”

So, in the end, what is holding you back is actually yourself! You can make time. You can save money. And you don’t have to chase your dream right on your 25th birthday!

Leaders take massive action.

Leaders work where they feel passion.

Are you taking massive action?

Are you feeling passionate?


Listen to the Full Interview with 24-year old Serial Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author, Jeet Banerjee here

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