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The Top 5 Challenges Facing GenY Today (September Edition)


Challenges are challenging.

No shit.

I know, I know. Relax. I think it’s worth saying though because no amount of words can actually fully strike the notes that you will experience emotionally when you meet adversity in the face.

When you go nose to nose with what can seem like an unmovable object or unstoppable force in life that leaves you high and dry, or more appropriately, at rock bottom it can be devastating.

From the month of September, I like to cherry pick the overt or, sometimes, less obvious examples of challenges that my featured guests pose that will make you become mindful of how to master your leadership and unlock your greatness potential.

5.  “The idea of commitment, Generation Y loves to bounce around…at the end of the day you will have to buckle down. Find the thing you love to do and commit to it.” — Dylan Gambardella, Co-Founder at Next Gen Summit

First, you have to find the thing you truly love to do. The one thing that you can commit to. My advice? Put yourself out there and try everything.

Despite what you think, you won’t know until you try. I thought I wanted to be in finance. Turns out, I really do not like finance! I love coaching, leadership, and the study of how psychological behavior dictates our actions. I would have never know if I didn’t coach lacrosse, lead people in the navy, and study psychology.

4. “Look at yourself in the mirror and try to point out one positive thing for 365 days straight…it will change the way you view yourself.” — Krystian Leonard, President at Shining Scars & TedX Speaker

If you’re chasing your passion, especially as an entrepreneur, you will have to deal with self-doubt. If you lead someone other than yourself, you will face self-doubt. It is everywhere. Make it easier on yourself: self-talk your way to genuine compliments that scientifically improve your psyche.

3. “If you have influence over anybody, you better question your motives. The only way you’re going to question your motives is if you get in touch with your authentic self!” — Dr. Jason Carthen, Former NFL player, Leadership Expert & Executive Coach

Questioning your motives, as Dr. Jason Carthen describes it, is a brilliant and sobering exercise. To put it in athletic terms  — ”Are you playing for the name on the front of the jersey or the name on the back of the jersey? If it is the latter, you need to question your motives. The best leaders are the most self-less givers in the room. It’s hard, but it’s also reality. Give more than you take.

2. “Do you work for technology, or does technology work or you?” — Kyle Slager, CEO at Raken

In the simplest terms possible: There is a difference between output and throughput. Is your day filled with actual accomplished work or achievements, or are things merely passing along through your physical and mental inbox with no tangible outcome?

1. “Society loves the individual. When you leave a team and it continues to soar without you – because you took what magic you had in your head and the way you see things, the way you saw the world and you help people achieve their things – that’s leadership.” — David Marquet, US Submarine Commander, Author of Turn the Ship Around

I love how harmonious these challenges all work together.

Do what you love. Conquer self-doubt. Question your motives. Produce Results. Build a lasting system that can work without you.

There it is for the month of September, 2017.

Stay on top, stay proud, it is all up to you now!


***Published before my amazing interview with Chelsea Krost, which you can listen to here. She provided a ton of valuable leadership/entrepreneurship insight as well.

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US Navy Surface Warfare Officer.
Lacrosse Player.

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