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The Top 5 Challenges Facing Generation Y Today And Your Way Forward


Challenges Must Be Met by Leaders Who Are Destined to Defeat Them

The Silent Generation lived through WWII, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and the Civil Rights Movement. The "Silents" received their moniker because many focused on their careers rather than on activism, and people in it were largely encouraged to conform with social norms.

Baby Boomers double the divorce rate, felt compelled to work in the same place forever, and were considered a very "me, me, me!" type of generation.

Generation X has been labeled as distracted, directionless, and were dubbed the "MTV Generation", characterized as slackers and cynical.

Generation Y(millennials) well...we have our issues too. We hear it constantly -- the need for instant gratification, chasing and racing our way to easy wealth, and one-upping one another in technology silos. And, of course, infamously entitled.GenY

During the rapid fire finish of every Episode of LSG, I ask my featured guests, some of the best and brightest entrepreneurial leadership minds in GenY, what the biggest challenge facing Generation Y.

Their answers range, here are five that are sure to resonate with you.

5. Rob Fajardo, Founder at Leave Normal Behind -- "Distractions. I think people are getting distracted. All you need to know is inside, use what is inside to affect the outside, don't let the external influence the internal."

4. Clinton Senkow, COO of Influencive -- "The vast amount of opportunities that are available to us, Right now anyone could start a business from their phone. You create a website, post something on social and sell something. That was not available 10, 20, 30 years ago. We need to narrow our focus and pick 1 or 2 thing, not 15 or 20 at the same time. Become an expert in your field rather than saying, 'I'm going to take over the world.'"

3. Paige Walker, Co-Founder at Stella Valle -- "College Debt."

2. Logan Cohen, Co-Founder/Co-CEO at KUDZOO -- "Trying to keep up. There a lot of facades out there. You're on your own timeline, sometimes you feel like you're failing. You're absolutely not. Be happy, be who you are, start with self-love and your life will reflect it."

1. Daniel Houghton, CEO of Lonely Planet -- "Most people between 20-30 will switch jobs 8 times, it just seems so different than our grandparents generation. Our entitlement doesn't serve mankind very well, and [we need] the patience to stick through something. I hope people will stick it out for the long haul, it takes time to build something great."

So what have I learned?

Your happiness, your success, your time, your income, your situation. Everything can be engineered to your liking. Acts of God happen. Attitude and Effort rise from the depths of you to dictate your future.

Feeling distracted? Put down your phone, turn off your music, and start making choices that contribute to what will fulfill you TODAY!

Trying to identify every opportunity? Focus on one SPECIFIC opportunity and become an expert in that field

Got College Debt? So does everyone else. Focus on paying it off as fast as humanly possible. That may involve sacrificing in the short term(vacations, parties, material items).

Feel like you're lagging behind? You can do one of things if you feel this way. 1. Quit and actually lag behind OR 2. Realize we're all grinding our assess of and take the necessary risk to dictate your life.Be-Patient

Rushing for greatness? My friend, Rome was not built in a day. But at least it didn't start in a garage like Apple, Amazon, or Disney. But I guess they're doing okay too!

Be patient in the macro, and relentless in the macro.

This race you're running is not the 100M sprint. It is an ultra-marathon and your course is like no one else's.

About the author, Tim

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