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Top 5 Quotes to Living Successfully From The First 35 Episodes of LSG


Success is personal, intimate, and fleeting. One day passed, is one day defined.

I don’t love when people talk about how to be successful. It often revolves around money, power, and personal gain.

Are we sure that’s really what we want? Money to buy things. Power to run things. Personal gain to say we have things.

Maybe. Maybe that’s what you want. And that's fine.

My guests on Leadership Strike Group, however, all share something different. It’s that something that separates them from those who sit passively in life, contemplating their dreams and figuring out what success could be.

They share the values of freelance flexibility with fulltime stability. Their high-flying achievements have taken teams and that are solving our biggest problems. And they’re investing in themselves while divesting control to lead their business.

I want YOU to lead your life. The life you want. The life you envision. It’s not easy – it’s not always safe. But it’s always worth it.

Here are the five most profound quotes that I want to share with you about living successfully from my first 35 episodes on LSG.


5. “A blunt way of putting it is don’t die and maximize your luck surface area!” – Brendan Candon, Co-Founder/CEO of Sideline Swap. More hot takes on exercising patience in business with Brendan here.

This quote was taken from a question regarding starting a business. Brendan stressed that the curve to starting a business is flat for a long time before anything get’s going.

This is when most people quit. Which is mind blowing!

NOTHING in life earned in a short period of time – the education you want, the physique you want, the relationships you want – none of it takes days, weeks, and months! It takes YEARS!

Don’t give in. Don’t give up. And maximize your luck surface area by telling everyone what you’re trying to accomplish! Tell them YOUR dream! Note: I'm still barely passed the starting line, but accelerating!

4. “Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you, ‘you can’t do something.’ If you have a dream and you really want it, go and chase it.” – Ollie Forysth, Founder of the Budding Entrepreneur’s Club. Ollie wants to be a millionaire in the next year or so. And he might just make it!

No hidden agenda or wild profoundness here. Simple and too the point.

Ollie has always wanted to forge his own path in life. And he’s doing it through action. He doesn’t talk about it; he simply applies himself and works his ass off to get it done.

Ollie is dyslexic, left school after 16, and is only 19 years old. His drive separates him from the 99% of even the most educated. He gets what he wants and let’s no one tell him otherwise.

 3. “Leadership is like being a lady, if you have to tell someone you are, you’re not.” Logan Cohen, Co-Founder/Co-CEO of KUDZOO. Logan goes all in on millennial leadership and the power of edtech here.

Leadership is not position, it’s influence. Logan knows this and imparted this gem onto us on Episode 24.

Seriously, if you have to tell anyone in life you are something, something they cannot already see for themselves, you’re fooling yourself.

So many of our bosses today do this exact thing: use their positional authority to run the show with no ounce of actual leadership to show for it. No setting the example, no feel for the team, no self-sacrifice.

But they will 100% tell you they are running the show. They’re the boss. Right...

2. “Learn to be an editor, not a perfectionist.” – Shama Hyder, Founder/CEO of The Marketing Zen. Game changing knowledge from Shama here on gaining an audience.

Brilliant, Shama! At no point in time will all the traffic lights in your life be ‘green’. Nothing will ever be just right. No plan perfect. No situation ideal. Welcome to life.

So many of us are searching for the perfect time to unleash our ideas, step up to the plate, and lead from the front.

Thing is, someone is already doing that for you. They didn’t wait. They just started.

Iterating on the fly is one of the most important things a young leader must be able to grasp.

You will never get it right the first time. It’s okay. Test, refine, repeat. Always iterate, always be testing your ideas personally and professionally.

1. “Change is tectonic in nature, the longer you put it off, the more devastating its result.” – Daniel Houghton, CEO of Lonely Planet. How Daniel leads the largest travel guide book company in the world!

If you’re waiting to make change in life, you’ve already put yourself in a position to fail. Whether in the office, outside the workplace, in a relationship – if you’re thinking of making a change and it FEELS right, you need to explore that.

Stop ignoring the gut feelings in life. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be with?

Answer those questions honestly and you can avoid devastation that comes with serious regret.

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