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These Lessons Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Better Entrepreneur

5 Lessons From Today’s Most Influential and Successful Entrepreneurs on How to be a Better Entrepreneur!

Courtney Gras on how she fell into Entrepreneurship.

Logan Cohen, Co-CEO at Edtech startup KUDZOO, on Why Merging Purpose with Profit is better than finding your “passion”.

Justin Lafazan, Co-Founder and CEO at Premier Entrepreneur’s Conference Next Gen Summit,  on finding your target audience and building it specifically for them!

Erik Huberman, Founder & CEO at $60 million digital marketing agency Hawke Media, on why product wins and the reason he lives by “get shit done.”

Justin Schneider, Founder & Designer at hot menswear startup Wolf & Shepherd, on the simple secret to get your people to work their assess off for you.

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