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Leadership on the Edge of What's Possible

41min Listen - 09Apr

Inspired by a recent TED Talk, JC and Tim sit down to discuss how leaders in organizations develop creative thought streams and positive firm storms of innovation.

Why creativity is something Leaders are always accountable to, not necessarily responsible for.

Plus, the types of questions that generate considerable thought and excitable action from your people!

A Must Listen for any Leader who is looking to build people who innovate!

Prodromos Leadership Team Advisor & Co-Host of LSG Podcast


Tim Paul is a trusted leadership advisor after serving in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer for eight years. His experience gained in the hostile environment of the overseas battle space and the athletic field allows him to help leaders and teams to cultivate alignment at all levels, implement psychological balance, and inspire a shared vision that leaders and followers all believe in together.

He was stationed onboard USS PONCE (LPD-15) where he led his first team in the operational management of electrical distribution and communications systems. He would then quickly advance to become a Tactical Actions Officer onboard USS GEORGE H W BUSH (CVN-77). There, he regulated the ship's weapons, sensors, and propulsion in defense of mission capabilities. Onboard, he would lead a team of 135 personnel before moving to North Carolina to accept a role as the region's Nuclear Engineering Officer Recruiter.

Tim holds a bachelor's of science in economics from the United States Naval Academy. He was an All-American lacrosse player and four-year letter winner from 2007 to 2010. He is a regular speaker at colleges across the nation.

Tim has earned three Navy achievement medals, two commendation medals, one meritorious unit citation, and the "Admiral's Accelerator Award" for dramatic impact on future fleet readiness. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Christie.

Prodromos Leadership Team Advisor & Co-Host of LSG Podcast


LTC (Ret) JC Glick is a leadership consultant who advises at the strategic, operational, team and individual levels. He has a strong background in leadership development, crisis action planning, leadership in high-stress environments, moral and ethical decision making, executive personnel assessment and selection, strategy, coaching, counseling and developing innovative solutions to complex problems.

JC served in the U.S. Army as an infantry officer for 20 years, primarily in special operations and special missions units with more than 11 combat tours. Since retiring from the military, JC has brought his innovative and unconventional thoughts on education, leadership and resiliency into the private sector, consulting with Fortune 500 companies, the NFL and professional sports teams including the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

JC recently wrote and published the thought-provoking, groundbreaking book titled "A Light in the Darkness: Leadership Development for the Unknown", which has been implemented by major corporations including the NFL and Microsoft and endorsed by leaders in the field of education, business and the military.

He recently developed the "Prodromos Developmental Model", a capacity-building system designed to develop people and leaders for the future, which is outlined in his book. His methods have been featured in Forbes Magazine and the Huffington Post and his work has been referenced in Forbes, INC, and Entrepreneur.


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