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Great Leaders understand that it takes a village to raise a child. In the spirit of that, I have listed the people who have either appeared on my show, have been instrumental in my efforts to build LSG, and my the special someone who puts up with me in my quest to become who I have set out to become.

First and Always

Christie Paul -- My loving wife and biggest fan

Guests by categories in order of appearance

Entrepreneurial Leaders

Mean Age: 29.2 years old

Todd Francis

Stephen Fosterted-logo-fb 

Tom Coburn 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal 

Gloria Tavera 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal 

James Ellsmoor 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Justin Schneider 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal,

Dr. Gavin Armstrong2016_30under30_logo_horizontalted-logo-fb

Evan Lutz 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Kelsey Meyer 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Michael Johnson 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Sophia Sunwoo 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Jenna Leahy 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Dr. Charles Cai 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Michael Kennedy 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Paige Walker 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Brian Vetter

Ryan Hoch 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Loren Rochelle 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Brendan Candon

Andrew Pohle & Jake Schaufeld 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Grace Hsia 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Justin Rezvani 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Logan Cohen 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Leonard Kimted-logo-fb

Mario Jovan Shaw 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Shama Hyder 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Anthony Zhang

Daniel Houghton 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Alex Saidani

Kim Kaupe 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Sam Slaughter 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Ollie Forsyth

Lu Zhang 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Andrew O'Brien

Vivek Kopparthi 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Rob Fajardo

Sieva Kozinsky 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Clinton Senkow

Arian Ney

Michael Colonese

Mary Jo Madda 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Justin Lafazan

Jacob Allen 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Courtney Gras2016_30under30_logo_horizontalted-logo-fb

Brett Hagler 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Stephan Goss

Beatrice Fischel-Bock

Kristina Aran

Jeet Banerjeeted-logo-fb

Ryan Emmons

Erik Huberman 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Krystian Leonardted-logo-fb

Dylan Gambardella

Connor Gillivan

Alex Wright

Kyle Slager

Zach Wigal 2016_30under30_logo_horizontal

Nate Hirsch

Chelsea Krost

Jamie Newman

Leadership Experts

Mean Age: 58.1 years old

Alexandra Levitted-logo-fb

Dr. Jason Carthen

Jim Kouzes

David Hoyt


Emily Decker,

Military Leaders

Mean Age: 40.7 years old

Lieutenant John Alexander, Surface Warfare

Captain David Marquet, Submarine Captainted-logo-fb

Lieutenant Colonel JC Glick, Army Ranger

Graphic Design

Abdullah Raja,